Home Warranty Benefits You Should Know About

Home WarrantyHaving a home warranty can be beneficial to your home purchase. Don’t get stuck paying for something in your home that can be covered!

A home warranty is a contract between a homeowner and a home warranty company. They provide discounted repair and replacement on home pieces like the AC, plumbing and electrical system and washer and dryer. Having warranty can be beneficial to your home, and your peace of mind and here are some advantages and disadvantages so you can decide why you should contact your local realtor about including this in your package.


If you do not have an emergency fund for your home, having a home warranty may be a necessity for you. Like all warranties, a home warranty protects against unforeseen repairs and costly damages. A home warranty makes sense for people who are not handy with repairs and have expensive taste in appliances. If anything happens to their property, it can be easily replaced or restored.

If you have moved into a home that has been used, and are unsure of the quality of the homes components, having a home warranty will provide you peace of mind that if anything does happen you will be taken care of. This can also be helpful when you are avoiding significant expenses, a company can offer a one-year home warranty with the purchase of a home, and this will provide protection against home defects.


Not everyone has home warranties because not warranty covers what the homeowners need for them to cover. For example, most warranty companies don’t cover items that haven’t been properly maintained. What is considered proper maintenance is up to the warranty company, and that has been a big issue whether these businesses are unjustly excusing maintenance repairs on valid claims.

Another common problem is when a homeowner purchases a used home, it may come with an old appliance that was not properly maintained no matter how you take care of the appliance from them on they cannot correct the previous lack of maintenance. Warranties can have exclusions and limitations to how many repairs can be done per year.

Home warranties can be inexpensive compared to the cost of repairing or replacing any house appliances. Let’s get connected to see how I can help you find a home, and if desired let’s find the best home warranty for you.


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