REALTORS, SELLERS, BUYERS BEWARE! Yesterday after a morning closing the title company received an email supposedly from me asking the closing funds be wired to a different account other than to the seller’s bank account. They even provided a signed document from two of the sellers giving permission to do so. Luckily there were 3 sellers on title so the title company called me to confirm and asked for a permission slip from the third seller. When I told her that I had not requested this to be done we discovered that it was a fraud and the money was sent to the proper sellers account. Immediately I changed my email password and spent two hours with my email provider making sure my account was cleaned out. We tried to contact the authorities to expose this fraud and we were told that nothing could be done unless the money had been transferred to the person committing the fraud. And if they were not in the US then it could not be traced. Notify your title company’s to be aware of this fraud.

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