4 Florida Home Ready Tips For Thanksgiving

November 21st, 2016

Get your Florida home ready for Thanksgiving with these four tips!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and I am sure at this point everyone is getting their last minute necessities before family and friends come over. We focus a lot on the food (which is the biggest and most delicious component) but what about the home? Today I’m sharing four tips that will get your Florida home ready for Thanksgiving!

Kitchen Ready

Getting your Florida home ready in the kitchen is the central area during the holidays so make sure it is ready for your guest’s arrival. Increase storage space by installing kitchen organizers to save on space for extra plates and cups. Organizers will also provide extra room for your countertops when guests come over. Place new stools around your island or kitchen area to have more room for people to sit in.

Guest Room

Get your Florida home ready by preparing the guest room if you are having family or friends stay with you. Preparations can include placing a ceiling fan, or a portable fan so they can control the air in their room without looking for the house thermometer. To add to the holiday spirit Include a holiday scent in their room with extra pillows and sheets and maybe even a holiday book to read.

Bathroom Supplies

More people in your home means more items you will need for the bathroom. Your Florida home ready checklist for the bathroom should include extra towels, extra toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, and some tissues. Make sure the shelves and the cabinets under the sink are clean and organized to make it easier for them to find what they need.  


Your entryway is the first thing anyone sees in your home so make sure it is the best it can be. Upgrade any exterior entry doors that are old and worn out. Give the door a fresh new coat of paint and polish any door hardware. Place a welcome rug on the entrance with flowers on the sides of your entryway. Add an extra coat hanger or hooks where people can leave their coats and hats on.

There are many pumpkin decorations at places like Target and Walmart that will add to your Florida home ready holiday feel. These four tips will help your home feel ready for Thanksgiving for all your family and friends. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

3 Ways You Can Take On An Orlando Fixer Upper

November 16th, 2016

3 Ways You Can Take On An Orlando Fixer Upper

Orlando fixer upper is taking over the real estate world by storm! Here are three ways you can take on this challenge well.

We all have seen the show ‘Fixer Upper’ on HGTV, inspiring all of us to find ourselves a bad home in a great neighborhood and make it the dream home. While some may consider the work it takes to make it the home you want a nightmare to it may be the right move for you. Today I will share the three ways you can take on an Orlando fixer upper.


Taking on an Orlando fixer upper requires a lot of money on renovations and budgeting out what you are willing to spend on a house is the first step. The first thing you should do is add up the costs to renovate the property based on the condition of the home. The estimate should include materials and labor. Subtract the home’s market value after renovation and what’s left should be your offer.

During the real estate negotiations make sure to ask to include an inspection clause. This inspection will ensure if the house is a good investment or not. The inspector will document the problems, and you can use that to get the seller to pay for certain repairs or to get the sale price lower.

Choose the right home

Ideally, you want an Orlando fixer-upper that just needs cosmetic improvements such as paint, lighting fixtures, floor remodel and other small touch ups. These renovations will cost much less saving you more money. Adding on rooms, and other structural repairs cost more than the return in market value. A large-scale renovation can take up to months if not years to complete, and if home prices stay flat, it’s possible you will have a home not worth the investment.

To save money on your home, you will have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. If you don’t see yourself working on your home consider the amount of time you will be devoted to supervising contractors as they work in your home not to mention paying them.

Renovation Loan

A great challenge many people face when purchasing an Orlando fixer upper is paying for the repairs. After the downpayment and closing costs, they don’t have a significant amount left for remodeling. Depending on the size of your renovations and costs, credit card debt is an option. If you see that your repair costs will be relatively expensive, a renovation loan through a home equity line of credit or mortgage is always an option.

When you are buying or selling property in today’s real estate market, it is important to have confidence in your real estate professional. My commitment as your local Realtor is to provide you with the specialized real estate service you deserve.

5 Realtor FAQ You Want The Answers To

November 9th, 2016

5 Realtor FAQ You Want The Answers ToAs a realtor, I receive many questions about the market.That is why I am sharing five realtor faq to answer your questions!

As an experienced realtor, many potential buyers and sellers ask me many questions to guide them in the right realty direction. Today I will share five realtor faq, to help answer your questions.

Can property depreciate?

Buying property is a great investment and one of our biggest realtor faq, and it is not very common for it to depreciate. When choosing where to build a home carefully consider location and community like that can affect the value of your home. If you are wanting to build in an up and coming neighborhood research the construction of the surrounding areas to decide if that is the right area for you.

What is the difference between being prequalified and being pre-approved for a loan?

Prequalified means that you can potentially receive a loan for the amount stated to you assuming that all the information you provided is accurate.

Realtor faq and being pre-approved means you have had an extensive financial background check that verifies your credit history, tax returns, and employment. Based on the information the lender is willing to approve you for the loan. Most sellers prefer buyers that have been pre-approved because it assures them that you will not give them any financial problems.

Should I price my home?

You can price your home, but it is critical that your listing price is based on the current real estate market and the sales in your neighborhood.Many realtor faqs ask if the real estate market will always fluctuate, yes! Because the market fluctuates, it will always affect property values. The wise thing to do would be to get an opinion and analysis of the market from your local realtor.

What does an appraisal mean?

Since every realtor faq property is unique, an appraisal is needed to report an estimated value to the lender. Many times an appraisal report is used to establish a property sale price.

Is there a best time to put my house on the market?

The time you choose to put your home for sale can impact the selling price and the amount of time it will take for someone to buy. Many people realtor faq move in the summer because it is the perfect time to get their kids in the desired school zone before school picks up in August then the market slows down a bit. The fall is also a very good time to buy and sell because the weather is perfect to showcase the home. November and December are a slow period in the market as people are busy during the holiday season.

I hope these realtor FAQ has helped you understand the market a little more. When you are buying or selling property in today’s real estate market, it is important to have confidence in your real estate professional.

4 Reasons Why Hiring A Real Estate Agent Is Better Than Selling Alone

November 2nd, 2016

Real estate agentHiring a real estate agent will give you less worry when selling your home. Here are four reasons an agent will make your home sale a breeze.

Many people think to maximize profit they should sell a home themselves without the help of a real estate agent. A professional agent has negotiating skills, market access, and pricing expertise, criteria you may not have that will help you save money on your home and essentially maximize your profit. Here are four reasons why hiring a real estate agent is better than selling alone.


A real estate agent has the potential to maximize your home exposure to potential buyers. They have the proper marketing strategies and tools needed to coordinate Internet marketing, open houses, and network events to other agents that have potential buyers.


To sell your home quickly and efficiently, it has to be priced correctly. If you price too low, you will lose money, if you price too high the potential of selling the home would be minimal. You can avoid rookie mistakes when pricing your home by leaving it up to the real estate agent to worry about pricing and the local market.


The home sale process includes the initial offer, the counteroffer, and the post offer. To an inexperienced homeowner, you wouldn’t know how to negotiate through this process and these are the important make it or break it discussions you want a real estate agent to deal with.  A skilled professional will discuss your needs, your budget and what you won’t take. The realtor will be your middleman and will take care of all the details and negotiations.


Having a real estate agent will provide a smoother sales process. There’s a lot of paperwork to organize and valuable information to keep secure. A professional agent will work through the process to keep it as organized as possible and keep everything on track. All contracts and finance information will be taken care of as well, leaving you to feeling relaxed.

With all the details and paperwork to worry about, selling a home can be time-consuming and that’s where I come in. I live to sell homes and find new homes for you and your family, leaving you to worry less. As your local Realtor, I will provide you with the specialized real estate service you deserve. 

Home Warranty Benefits You Should Know About

October 26th, 2016

Home WarrantyHaving a home warranty can be beneficial to your home purchase. Don’t get stuck paying for something in your home that can be covered!

A home warranty is a contract between a homeowner and a home warranty company. They provide discounted repair and replacement on home pieces like the AC, plumbing and electrical system and washer and dryer. Having warranty can be beneficial to your home, and your peace of mind and here are some advantages and disadvantages so you can decide why you should contact your local realtor about including this in your package.


If you do not have an emergency fund for your home, having a home warranty may be a necessity for you. Like all warranties, a home warranty protects against unforeseen repairs and costly damages. A home warranty makes sense for people who are not handy with repairs and have expensive taste in appliances. If anything happens to their property, it can be easily replaced or restored.

If you have moved into a home that has been used, and are unsure of the quality of the homes components, having a home warranty will provide you peace of mind that if anything does happen you will be taken care of. This can also be helpful when you are avoiding significant expenses, a company can offer a one-year home warranty with the purchase of a home, and this will provide protection against home defects.


Not everyone has home warranties because not warranty covers what the homeowners need for them to cover. For example, most warranty companies don’t cover items that haven’t been properly maintained. What is considered proper maintenance is up to the warranty company, and that has been a big issue whether these businesses are unjustly excusing maintenance repairs on valid claims.

Another common problem is when a homeowner purchases a used home, it may come with an old appliance that was not properly maintained no matter how you take care of the appliance from them on they cannot correct the previous lack of maintenance. Warranties can have exclusions and limitations to how many repairs can be done per year.

Home warranties can be inexpensive compared to the cost of repairing or replacing any house appliances. Let’s get connected to see how I can help you find a home, and if desired let’s find the best home warranty for you.


Parent’s Guide to Buying A House With Small Kids

October 19th, 2016

Buying a house is a decision that not only affects you but also your familyBuying a house with small kids can be quite the task, follow these four tips when looking for your dream home

Buying a house is a decision that not only affects you but also your family. It’s already tough to find the perfect place for you but to find a place that your kids will adapt well in and have a safe environment can be tricky. That is why I’m sharing four tips to consider when buying a house with small kids.

School Zone

The school zone your kids are placed in is important for your decision-making process because you want to make sure they are in a safe and academically excelling in school. When you find a home that interests you check for the school zone to see the school options for your kids. You can also base your search from the school, by selecting the school zones you would like for your kids to be in and choose a home in that area.

Crime Rate

The crime rate is probably one of the most important things to consider before moving to a new place. There are multiple crime rate websites you can use to check to see the rate of crime for your area. As you are at work and your kids are in school you want to make sure that your concern is not the safety of your home. The safety of your family should be the top most concern for you, so if it takes you longer to find a place because of it, that’s okay.

Busy Roads

Did you find a home near a busy road? Or is it in a peaceful community? If you have young kids that like to play outside a home near a busy road is probably not your best option. If you really like the house consider finding a house with a big backyard so the kids feel as if they can still have a place outside to play.

House Size

Depending on how many kids you have or would like to have will be the determining factor of the size of the house. You want to make sure that you don’t feel crammed in, but instead, you should feel comfortable and spacious. Consider if you have pets an area where they will be, and a number of rooms you desire. Write down all your wants and needs and show them to your local realtor, so they can help you find a place that meets your exact needs.

House hunting can be stressful when you have multiple needs to consider. It is important to have confidence in your real estate professional. My commitment as your local realtor is to provide you with the real estate service you deserve.

Home Buying Myths Debunked

October 10th, 2016

Home Buying MythsSearching for a home can be hectic and time-consuming. Here are six home buying myths uncovered

Buying a home is a dream of many people, there’s nothing like owning a place you can call your own. Most people think that the process is easy and hassle free, but after reading this, you will know the six home buying myths most people believe.

Search For a Home Then Contact Your Realtor

The worst thing you can do is fall in love with a home that is not within your budget, and this is a home buying myth people often do. Contact your realtor and check your credit to make sure it’s in good condition. Get pre-approved for a mortgage so that you can determine your budget for a home.

A 30-year Mortgage Is The Best Option

Choosing a 30-year mortgage over the 15-year mortgage is a home buying myths that looks like you are paying less, but over the years you will be paying double with all the borrowed money due to the interest rate. If you aren’t set on staying in your house for the long haul, consider other loan plans or an adjustable rate mortgage.

The Only Upfront Cost Is The Down Payment

This is a big home buying myth. You are responsible for closing costs and, depending on your state, the closing price can vary. There are several fees, taxes, insurance and other inspection costs for you to consider. Communicate with your realtor so there are no surprise fees on the day you sign the papers to your home.

Your Down Payment Must Be 20%

Although placing a 20% down payment is ideal to avoid the private mortgage insurance it is a home buying myth. Many lenders will allow you to pay loans with 10% or 5% down as long as you pay the PMI. Speak to your lender for options that you can do to lower the down payment.

You Can’t Buy a Home Without Perfect Credit

As one of the most common home buying myths, it states that you need to have a credit score above 700 purchase a home. Although a good credit score will make it easier for you to get a loan with a lower interest rate, other factors like credit history with your lender, and the amount of debt can also determine whether you can find a loan. Check your credit score to see if you have good or bad credit, and speak with your realtor for your options.

The Asking Price Is Set In Stone

The offer you make on the house does not have to be the asking price; that is one of the home buying myths some realtors would like you to believe. Depending on your credit and down payment, the seller might be willing to negotiate the price. Inspect the house and use that to your advantage; if you find any issues that can be used to lower the price.

After you’ve uncovered these home buying myths, you have now almost become an expert in buying a home. Book an appointment with me so I can guide you to the right home for your family.

Fall Activities in Orlando

October 5th, 2016

Fall activities in OrlandoThere are countless fall activities in Orlando for you and your family to enjoy this season! Here are ones worth visiting.

From pumpkin picking, apple cider drinking festivals, this is one of my favorite times of the year because the weather gets cooler and the spirit of the holidays are quickly approaching! Here are fall activities in Orlando you shouldn’t miss this season.

Winter Park Autumn Art Festival

The first fall activities in Orlando festival is located in one of the most charming towns. They will be showcasing local Florida artists work, live entertainment, fun activities for the kids, and so much more! Find more details here.

Fiesta in the Park

Enjoy the fall weather in the heart of downtown, Lake Eola. Take a stroll down the lake and hear live entertainment from local bands, create fall arts and crafts with the kids and enjoy delicious food and fall activities in Orlando for the family. Find more details here.


There’s nothing like kicking off the Halloween season like dressing up with your family for the fall activities in Orlando zombietoberfest! It is a family-friendly festival where you can enjoy live music, food trucks, vendors, movies, costume contest, a kid zone and much more! The date is to be determined, but you can find more information about past events here.

The Haunt at Old Town

With haunt zones, haunted houses, and live entertainment, this is a fall activity in Orlando that your family will love! Walk through the streets of Old Town in your costume for a costume contest, and watch an exclusive thriller performances! Get more details of this event here.

Zoo Boo Bash

This Bash is a family-friendly event that will have the kids trick or treat in the “wildest neighborhood in town!” Wear a costume and bring a goody bag to enjoy free candy. If your children love animals, you need to take them! There will be a book reading, costume contest, and much more! Find more details here.

As your local Realtor, I not only want to find the perfect home for you but also place you in a great community with fall activities in Orlando for your family! The fall season is the best time to explore the town and get acquainted with your new community.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

September 30th, 2016

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Real Estate AgentHaving questions to ask your real estate agent are important in the process of finding a home. Here are 5 questions that will help you decide if the agent is the one for you.

Finding a realtor can be just as hard as finding a home. You want to make sure they are trustworthy and have your best intentions in mind. That is why today I’m sharing with you 5 questions you need to ask your real estate agent so you are secure in the realtor that will help you find a home.

How many homes have you sold in the past year?

Make sure your realtor has enough experience to deal with your specific case. Make sure that they can handle all your worries and concerns, and ideally have experience in the area you are interested in buying or selling whether that be a house, condo, or apartment. Questions to ask your real estate agent, the more data the agent is willing to provide the more confident you both will be in the success of your home search.

How much do you charge, and are your fees negotiable?

Do not be taken advantage by real estate agents, their compensation is negotiable. Questions to ask your real estate agent, make sure you stick within your budget and if they say no, it’s okay to look elsewhere. Have a contract and write everything down, you don’t want any hidden fees showing up later in the process.

Ask for references

There is no better way to know if a real estate agent is the one for you by others experience. Get more than one reference and ask them questions you wouldn’t ask the realtor about themselves. These questions you need to ask your real estate agent will help you get a good idea of how they act, their habits and practices, and what you should expect.

Can you explain the process to me?

Selling a home can take longer than expected, have your realtor go in full detail about the process so you know the time frame it may take for you to sell or buy a home. This is one of the questions you need to ask your real estate agent because your agent is able to explain what he will do for you and you are going into this process well aware of all that can happen and or go wrong.

What is your marketing strategy?

This question to ask your real estate agent will help you to understand the agent’s marketing plan to help you decide if you want to continue with their services or not. If they don’t have a strategy they won’t be able to properly sell your home and will only make the process longer, and essentially waste your money. Check your agent’s track record, to see their ability to raise a home’s visibility online, and the quality of their photos of your house for the online listings.

It’s very important to have questions you need to ask your real estate agent ready and laid out. I integrate the sale or purchase of your home into your daily lifestyle and will do everything I can to find the home of your dreams. Contact me for a comfortable search for your home.

Choosing The Right Area For Your Home

September 21st, 2016

Choosing the right area for your homeConsider these criteria before choosing the right area for your home.

There are countless things to consider before moving into a new area. Moving can be stressful, from choosing a good school area for your kids, and distance to your workplace, among other things. This will help you in choosing the right area for your home, by selecting my top four items to consider.

School Zone

If you have children, this can be one of the top things you consider before choosing the right area for your home. You want to make sure your kids are going to be in a safe environment. On my website, you can search all the schools in the area you are considering moving to with the options of different property types, and features. Before choosing a home you can choose a school, and based on that pick a house, I would be happy to help find the school that best fits your needs.

Crime Rate

It’s safe to say the crime rate is a big component when choosing the right area for your home. Here you can search the address you are interested in and this can guide you in the right area for you and your family. A home has to be somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable, so don’t diminish the importance of looking up the crime rate area in the home you are interested in. With my experience, I can help you find the safest area for your family.

Work Distance

Getting to work on time can be a hassle with traffic. Your morning commute shouldn’t be dreadful to think about. Allow me to help find choosing the right area for your home with a short distance to work. Depending on the area desired to live in, we can arrange to look at homes that are close to your job so driving to work can be stress-free.


Living in Florida it almost seems like entertainment is at our doorstep. With countless theme parks, shopping centers, and concert halls there is always something to do. The advantage of the Central Florida area and the in the Orange, Seminole or Osceola areas is being able to choose the right area for your home. All of these areas are close to the countless activities Central Florida offers. You won’t have to drive far to visit the places tourist travel thousands of miles for.

Choosing the right area for your home will be an easy task if you allow me to help you. I will consider your needs and desires, and we together can find the home that bests suits you and your family. My commitment as your local realtor is to provide you with the specialized real estate service you deserve.